Başkonsolosun Mesajı

Distinguished Members of the Turkish-American Community,

Esteemed Citizens,

I have assumed the office of the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey to New York as of 22 October 2018

Cognizant of the responsibility this important task entails, making the Consulate General your second home where you can feel the warmth of our native country will be my greatest goal.And of course, our goal will be to provideconsular services within our consular district comprising New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, to the distinguished members of our community and to our esteemed visitors from Turkey, in the best way possible.

I am proud that the Turkish-American community is strong, embracing both its past and the future with the same due care, preserving and handing down its national and social values to the next generations, contributing to its environment and the society it lives in as well as enriching them. I fully believe that, we will be able to further strengthen the prestigious status of our community, thanks to our common and unified endeavors.

Developing and strengthening the cultural, economic, commercial, educational and artistic relations between Turkey and our consular district and addressing the social and cultural needs of our community as much as possible, are among the responsibilities of our Consulate General. These are an addition to providing the consular services to our citizens. With this understanding, I would especially like toemphasize that, our Consulate General together with the offices of our Educational Attaché, the Culture and Tourism Attaché, the Commercial Attaché, the Economy Attaché, the Attaché for Social and Religious Affairs and the Counselor for Medical Cooperation, are expecting your ideas and suggestions, your constructive feedbacks in order to better understand our citizens’ expectations from us.

It is evident that, your personal and communal achievements as the Turkish-American Community in social, professional and cultural domains are fundamental in promoting our country and help others to understand us better. With this understanding, I invite our citizens from all walks of life, professions and age groups in our consular district to come together under the common roof of our Consulate General and to take strength from one another in order to enable the Turkish-American Community to gain further accomplishments and to promote our country in the best possible way. My office, my phone and my heart will always be open to you all during my term.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your support and cooperation, which I believe you will not deny, for performing my duties adequately as the Consul General to New York, I am proud to assume.


Alper Aktaş

Consul General

Alper Aktaş Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 16:00

Visa: Monday - Friday 14:00-16:00
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1/21/2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
2/18/2019 Presidents' Day
5/27/2019 Memorial Day
6/4/2019 Ramadan Feast 1st Day
7/4/2019 Independence Day
8/11/2019 Kurban Feast 1st Day
9/2/2019 Labor Day
10/14/2019 Colombus Day
10/29/2019 Turkish National Day
11/11/2019 Veterans Day
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12/25/2019 Christmas Day
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