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Press Release Regarding The Airstrikes In Aleppo , 29.04.2016

No: 103, 29 April 2016

We strongly condemn the airstrike on the night of April 27 targeting Aleppo’s largest pediatric and maternity center, Al Quds Hospital, claiming the lives of at least 40 civilians, including children, two doctors and four nurses. We wish God’s mercy for the deceased, and extend our condolences to their families and relatives and our wishes for the speedy recovery of the wounded.

The Cessation of Hostilities in Syria, in effect since February 27, has received a serious blow as a result of systematic and intensified violations by the Regime and the Russian Federation. The Regime and the Russian Federation intensify these attacks during each round of talks held in Geneva and therefore block the political process on purpose.

This latest airstrike - carried out before the eyes of the whole world and deliberately targeting civilians without discrimination between women, children or the elderly - goes well beyond a simple violation of the Cessation of Hostilities and constitutes a blatant war crime. It is clear that such crimes cannot go unpunished.

We call upon the international community to live up to its responsibilities without further delay in the face of these grave crimes against humanity.