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Press Release Regarding The Kabul Conference , 18.07.2010

H.E. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey will visit Afghanistan on 19-21 July 2010, with a view to participate in the Kabul Conference that will bring together the international community in Afghanistan and to inaugurate the Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team in Jawzjan.

This year, a number of international meetings, which include, among others, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan Trilateral Education Ministers’ meeting; the fourth Trilateral Summit of the Presidents of the three countries; separate parallel meetings of the Chiefs of Operations of the General and Army Staffs and the Heads of the Intelligence Services, held on the margins of the aforesaid Summit; the Istanbul Summit on Friendship and Cooperation in the “Heart of Asia”, as well as the International Conference on Afghanistan held in London and the informal Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers held in Turkey, have given impetus to the efforts aimed at establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan. The Kabul Conference which will be held in Afghanistan in the aftermath of these meetings is expected to constitute a turning point.

In the Conference, Afghan Government will announce its plans on assuming full responsibility in a phased manner as well as on reconciliation. The Kabul Conference participants are expected to reiterate their strong support to the implementation of these plans under the leadership of the Afghan authorities and with the support of the international community including Afghanistan’s neighbors.

Turkey has been endeavoring from the outset towards empowering the Afghans to consolidate national unity and solidarity, as well as achieving peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan with the support of the international community. Turkey likewise spares no effort to ensure the success of the Kabul Conference in order for this event to be a landmark for the future.

During his visit, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will also inaugurate the Jawzjan Provincial Reconstruction Team, which will cover Jawzjan and Sar-e Pol provinces in northern Afghanistan, in its provisional building.

In light of the successful efforts of the Wardak Provincial Reconstruction Team since November 2006 which have earned the appreciation of the local people, Jawzjan Provincial Reconstruction Team will extend Turkey’s contributions in support of development, good governance and capacity building to broader masses. The principal objective of the Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Teams is to support the Afghan authorities’ efforts in development and capacity building at the local level.

The inauguration of Jawzjan Provincial Reconstruction Team by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of the Kabul Conference is of particular importance given the objectives of the Conference as well as Turkey’s visible and tangible contributions.