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Press Release Regarding The Incidents In The Northern City Of Talas Of The Kyrgyz Republic , 07.04.2010

The incidents which took place yesterday in the northern city of Talas of the Kyrgyz Republic spreading to Bishkek today have been a great cause of concern for Turkey. We regret to have received news on loss of lives during these incidents.

Emergency desks have already been activated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara as well as at the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek. Hereafter, further incidents and any ensuing developments will be monitored at the highest level.

Turkey attaches the utmost importance to stability, peace and welfare of brotherly Kyrgyzstan. We are ready to take every possible step for sustaining stability and security of Kyrgyzstan.

Stability of Kyrgyzstan bears importance for the whole region. We expect Kyrgyzstan to overcome the current tense situation through dialogue and peaceful means and internal stability of the country soon be maintained.

We have not received any information so far about the incidents having adverse effects on Turkish nationals or any threat concerning their security. However, the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek advised all Turkish nationals to exercise the utmost caution. The Turkish Embassy has already extended an official request to the competent Kyrgyz authorities for taking the necessary steps in terms of providing security to Turkish nationals and Turkish institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic.