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Press Release Regarding The Parliamentary Elections In Iraq , 27.03.2010

Turkey welcomes yesterday’s (26 March) announcement by Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq on the results of parliamentary elections which were successfully held in Iraq on 7 March 2010. With the approval of election results by the Federal Supreme Court in the coming days, another important milestone will be achieved in the political process as well as in the democratization and stabilization efforts in Iraq. Turkey wishes that in this new phase which has started with the elections, a new government, reflecting Iraqi people’s free will, will be formed as soon as possible and focus on resolving the pending problems in the country through political means.

We firmly believe that in a spirit of unity and tolerance and with common sense, friendly and brotherly people of Iraq will overcome the problems they currently face. On this occasion, we would like to reiterate our congratulations to the people of Iraq for their faith in democracy.

On the other hand, we would like to express our deepest feelings of sorrow for the killing of 42 Iraqi citizens as a result of a bomb attacks in Diyala, prior to the announcement of election results. We strongly condemn this heinous terrorist act and extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Iraq.