Turkish Consulate General in New York

News from the Turkish Foreign Ministry

Press Release Regarding The Ground Operation By Israel To The Gaza Strip , 04.01.2009

We had expressed our deep concern about the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip and called for their immediate halt, establishment of calm and facilitation of the transfer of emergency humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip.

The launching of a ground operation by Israel, despite our calls, has caused indignation and further increased our concerns.

We find unacceptable and condemn Israel’s launching of a ground operation despite the warnings of the international community and the reactions in the international public opinion.

It is obvious that escalating the tension will not benefit anyone. Seeking a military solution to the problem will bring nothing but more bloodshed and tear.

We call, once again, for the termination of Israel’s military operation, the cessation of hostilities and reaching a lasting ceasefire, before the region is further destabilized and more casualties are caused.

We expect the UN Security Council to immediately seize the matter and take the necessary steps for taking the situation under control.